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NFL Draft Eve

The NFL’s version of Christmas

Luck, Griffin III headline 2012 draft class

By Patrick Schmidt

On the eve of the biggest event the NFL has to offer which doesn’t take place on the gridiron is lacking suspense at the top much like when you peek into mom and dad’s rooms and peek at what “Santa” got you for Christmas that year. 

That doesn’t mean it’s still not exciting and brings your levels of anxiousness and intrigue to all new highs.

The NFL draft is set to get underway with the first round on Thursday at 6pm (EST) and many General Managers and Coaches around the league are ready to find out what’s underneath the tree and rip off the wrapping paper and see what new toy they have to play with. 

The top two picks are anti-climactic and if you’re hosting a draft party that would be the perfect time to make sure your snacks are out and prepared and that there is plenty of ice for the beverages that will no doubt consumed in high volume. 

This week the Indianapolis Colts confirmed what many had known for months and said Andrew Luck will be their pick. Many have said Luck is the best prospect at his position since the man he is replacing, the legendary Peyton Manning, who was released this offseason following a series of neck surgeries.

The second worst kept secret after who the Colts would take atop the draft is who would go immediately after him.  Once the Redskins traded with the Rams to move up four spots up to two, the cat was out of the bag and the ‘Skins were going to draft the Heisman trophy winner, Robert Griffin III and bring his unique skill set to the Nation’s capitol. 

The real intrigue begins with the Minnesota Vikings who are essentially on the clock with the third overall pick.  For weeks the prevailing thought was that USC left tackle, Matt Kalil would be the pick and give last year’s first rounder Christian Ponder protection for the quarterback’s blindside.  

However, as the war room debates have heated up in Minneapolis, the thought is that LSU cornerback, Morris Claiborne and Oklahoma State wide receiver, Justin Blackmon could be in play. Could this be more pre draft subterfuge?

Probably, but don’t discount the Vikings from trying to trade down to a team trying to trade up for Texas A&M QB, Ryan Tannehill or Trent Richardson.

The Draft is here and it’s time to celebrate the union of college football and the National Football League spread out over three days.  I holiday of sorts for football fans across the nation. 

The NFL Draft is full of big, fast, strong, and intriguing prospects that tantalize fans, GM’s, and coaches with potential and upside.  Meanwhile striking fear into their hearts when words and phrases such as, one year wonder, tweener, low motor, off the field concerns and questionable character are muttered when referring to a prospect. 

The one guarantee there is to the NFL draft is that a few teams will wind up with their version of a Red Ryder BB gun under their tree, and many more will end up stuck with a sweater knitted from grandma and the dread of waiting another year in hopes of finding that illustrious new toy.

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Patrick is a diehard sports fan and former football player from the greatest city in the world, Chicago, Illinois. The home of deep dish pizza, the greatest skyline in the world, and the best sports fans in America.  Patrick has been a fan of the Cubs, Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks since birth and is an avid college football fan.  Patrick is the host of a weekly sports show on every Wednesday morning from 8-10.